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Hi Friends! Every month I highlight a free resource from my client coaching library to help you on your journey to explore your drinking!

You are the Boss of Your Brain! 

Your brain is your biggest asset when it comes to changing your relationship with alcohol!  

I know our brain can sometimes feel like the enemy with thoughts like "Just one won't hurt" or "I deserve it" after you've had a long day. 

But our brain has two parts, the subconscious most primitive part of our brain where our habits are formed, and our conscious brain, the prefrontal cortex or higher thinking brain. 

The process we use to change our relationship with alcohol is called liminal thinking: using our conscious thinking brain to deconstruct the thoughts and lies we have believe about alcohol in our subconscious brain. 

You can literally change your brain and habits with your thoughts! 

Our thoughts create our feelings which leads to our behaviors. If you want to change your behavior, start with your thoughts.

One exercise I used myself and I use with clients is the Thought Turnaround. Set a timer 3-4 times a day and stop to recognize how you are feeling and what thought is leading to this feeling. Can you choose another thought? One that makes you feel better and helps you keep your commitment not to drink? 

I have a worksheet that will lead you through this process!

Grab the worksheet here!


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