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Hi Friends! Every month I highlight a free resource from my client coaching library to help you on your journey to explore your drinking!

Dealing with Big Feelings 


It's really hard sometimes to resist the urge to want to numb big feelings if that is all you have done in the past. We aren't taught how to be and understand our emotions. There are no good or bad emotions- and we were built to feel the whole spectrum of emotions not just the good ones! 

I realized early into my alcohol-free journey that I didn't even really know what I was feeling, I was so used to being numb! One of the exercises my coach gave me, which was invaluable, and I want to share with you is a way to explore and understand how you are feeling.  This exercise helps you start to identify understand how you are feeling, and get more comfortable with all the emotions without needing to numb them!

Grab the worksheet  here!


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