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Hi Friends! Every month I highlight a free resource from my client coaching library to help you on your journey to explore your drinking!

Activating Questions!

Activating Questions are helpful when you feel your resolve start to wane...you feel uncomfortable and start to think a drink might be an "out" from this feeling. Asking your brain a different powerful question activates your pre-frontal cortex problem-solving thinking. It helps shift your focus to finding the answer to this powerful question. Then our subconscious brain gets in on the action and also goes on a mission to solve this problem, instead of bugging you to drink!

It is a great tactic for uncomfortable social situations. Try shifting your focus with questions like, "how can I be the best version of myself?" or "how can I create more connection?" or with difficult loved ones, "How can I show more love right now?" Try it! It works!! 

This quick video gives you an example of this in action!


Download the Activating Questions Worksheet