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Hi, I'm Susan Larkin 

I'm  passionate about normalizing taking a look at our drinking habits and taking a break or even choosing not to drink at all!  

I know first-hand what it’s like to feel stuck, knowing alcohol did not work for me, but also not being able to let go.  Alcohol kept me living small, numbing my emotions, and feeling miserable.

My career in medical education at an Ivy League medical school started late in my 30’s. It was then that I started drinking to cope with the stress of balancing a career, family life and getting my MBA (what was I thinking)! As my career progressed, so did my drinking. That glass of wine turned into 2-3 or more. I stayed in a miserable place of trying to control my drinking, failing and beating myself up for way too long. It was like I had a black cloud hanging over my head at all times, and I didn't know where to turn.

When I saw Annie Grace’s webinar about becoming “Alive” I decided this is how I wanted to feel, ALIVE, and I didn't give up until I got there. Changing my relationship with alcohol was just the beginning. Through learning to manage my mindset, self-compassion work, strategies to manage stress, and living intentionally, I began to become truly “Alive”. I went from gray area drinking to vibrant living! 

This changed my life so much, I decided to become a This Naked Mind Certified Coach and advocate to helping others gain the same freedom I found. I am passionate about getting the word out that you can have an amazing socialize life without alcohol!  Once you are free, nothing is off-limits: wine country, cruise, tropical vacation, all inclusive, Paris, Italy, anniversaries, weddings!!  Life can be thoroughly enjoyed without alcohol!  

(Learn more about my story- listen to my podcast with Annie Grace) 

My Story

Secrets to an AMAZING Social Life Alcohol Free! 

Think you won't be able to enjoy socializing if you are not drinking?

Think Again!
Once you are free you can do anything you want!
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Choosing Not To Drink is a Lifestyle, Not a Life Sentence

-Susan Larkin