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Drink Less with Susan!


Do you rely on alcohol to deal with stress? I did too! But what if what we think is helping us is really creating more stress in our bodies?

It is one of the biggest myths about alcohol, that a few glasses of wine helps us de-stress after a long day.  The truth about alcohol and stress will blow your mind!

Tired of waking up vowing not to drink today, only to give in at wine o'clock?  You can break free from the detox to retox cycle!  In just three days we will bust 3 major myths about alcohol. Through science-based facts you will learn the truth about how alcohol affects your brain and body, and how to get your power of choice back!

It's time to make alcohol small & irrelevant in your life! 


FREE! 3 Days of Discovery 

Take 3 Days to explore your relationship with alcohol and take back control of your drinking through daily (short) videos and  exercises to help you start to change your relationship with alcohol. You will gain confidence and realize maybe you don't need alcohol to cope, relax, or have fun! 

You can create a life you want to wake up to!


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