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Successful in every area of your life except one...
Sometimes you drink a little too much?
I get it. I can help.

Deciding take a look at your drinking doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you!

Are you curious about changing your relationship with alcohol? 

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Can you relate? 

  • That nightly glass of wine to take the edge off has become 2-3 glasses or more?
  • You look forward to wine o'clock a little too much? 
  • You've tried to cut back, and you can for a while, but then you overdo it again?
  • Is the stress of trying to cut back or control your drinking making you miserable?
  • You are not an "alcoholic" but have no idea where to go for help? 

You are in the right place. I have been where you are right now, and I have GREAT NEWS!

The solution starts with Discovery


DISCOVER:  How alcohol affects your body and mind

DISCOVER: How society and the media have socialized us to believe alcohol is necessary for relaxation and fun

DISCOVER: How you feel when you take a break from alcohol


My Discovery Program is for anyone questioning their drinking.

Work with me and take a mindful break.  It doesn't have to be forever, but take the time to learn how alcohol affects your mind and body so you can get back in control and decide what's right for you!



Why Wait? Start today!

Free 3-Days of Discovery 

Take 3 Days to explore your relationship with alcohol through daily short videos and reflection exercises to help you discovery how alcohol affects your brain and body. You will gain confidence and realize you don't need alcohol to cope, relax, or have fun!

Free 3 Days of Discovery!

I'm Susan Larkin, Certified Alcohol Coach 

I am passionate about helping women, like you, discover how to get your drinking back under control, become free, and create a life you want to wake up to!

First of all, let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with you! 

If you have started to rely on alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress and overwhelm, it is completely understandable. It's what society has taught us. Having a bad day? Have some wine. Kids driving you crazy? Vino to the rescue. Need an escape? Crack open a bottle. It's no wonder we have turned to alcohol to solve all our problems!  

I was in the same place. Wine was my escape, my reward and relief after a stressful day. I thought it made me nicer, more relaxed, more fun...until it didn't. I'm a smart lady, I  knew I was drinking more than the weekly recommended amount, yet I couldn't let go. I tried making rules only to break them. I counted my weekly drinks, only to fudge the numbers. The stress of trying to control my drinking led to more drinking!  I was what you call a "gray area drinker" living an increasingly gray life.

Then I found This Naked Mind, by Annie Grace. Her books and programs not only changed my drinking, but changed my life!

I didn't think it was possible to become completely free from the desire for wine, but I am! Completely free! That's why I trained to become a This Naked Mind Certified Alcohol Coach, to help others, like you, gain this same FREEDOM!

This Naked Mind coaching methodology is a science-based, compassion-driven approach to taking a look at our relationship with alcohol. If you want to discover how amazing your life can be when you are free from the mental-tug-of-war of constantly trying to control your drinking, schedule a free, no obligation coaching call with me. You may be one call away from your road to freedom.

Free Coaching Call!

Developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol is nothing to be ashamed about

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance and your body and brain were doing what they were supposed to in response. You developed an unhealthy habit. There are a gazillion other people in the same boat, but most of them are not brave enough to do something about it, but you are!

Society and social media have conditioned us to believe alcohol is a cure-all, it's not!

  • You don't have to buy into the messages on social media!
  • You don't have to adopt a label or admit you have a disease or moral failing (you don't!)
  • You don't have to hit "rock bottom"  to take a look at your relationship with alcohol!


Susan’s 1:1 coaching allowed me the opportunity to challenge the way I think about alcohol, the science and negative impacts it has on the brain and body. Her compassionate and empathetic approach allowed me to be vulnerable and 100% me. 

We worked together on many challenging situations and each one gave me the confidence to handle the next obstacle in my way.

I will be forever grateful for this 1:1 coaching experience with Susan, it feels like only the beginning of a beautiful new way of living! 



I didn’t really think it was possible to ever be able to remove my desire for alcohol. Susan was able to help me not only achieve that but also challenge me to find and become the authentic  person I wanted to be.

She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She taught me how to find new and healthy ways to care for myself and to nurture that girl I had disconnected from.

Many times I would come to Susan overwhelmed or with unmet expectations in my life and she would come through with inventive and unique approaches to helping me deal with these. She proved herself invaluable to me.


I’ve been working with Susan Larkin for the past year.  I’ve benefited hugely from our sessions. She frequently reminds me of how far I’ve come, which is very motivating. She’s also a great listener with a gift for understanding when to help me to challenge my thinking.

When my motivation was flagging, Susan didn’t hesitate to give me pep talks on why giving up alcohol can be the key to greater life satisfaction and fulfillment. I left those sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. She’s been great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

Taking your power back starts with AWARENESS


True Freedom Lies in our Power to CHOOSE

With no labels, shame or rules, DISCOVER your truth about alcohol. I will help you go from AWARE to ALIVE, and living a VIBRANT LIFE! 

It's time to make the change you deserve!

You might be thinking...

I don't think my drinking is bad enough...I drink just like all of my friends...some people drink more than me and they seem fine...am I overreacting? 

I had all of these questions too! But I learned that these are the wrong questions. What really matters is how you feel.

Maybe the question isn't, is it bad enough to change, but,

is it good enough to stay the same? 


  • Is waking up at 3 am dehydrated, full of anxiety and regret, good enough?
  • Is making rules about your drinking only to break them and beat yourself up, good enough? 
  • Is missing your workout and feeling like crap all day at work from a hangover, good enough?
  • Is not looking and feeling your best on a daily basis, good enough?
  • Is not quite remembering what happened last night, good enough?  


Is drinking holding you back from the life you've always wanted?

 It doesn't have to be this way!

These simple steps will get you closer to the life you deserve:

  1. Schedule a free, no obligation Coaching Call with me.
  2. You may never have shared about your drinking with anyone, this is your opportunity to be seen and heard by someone who "gets it." 
  3. I will ask some questions to help you create awareness around your relationship with alcohol. It will give you an idea of what coaching is like.
  4. If we do decide to work together you will receive everything you need to make alcohol truly small and irrelevant and start living a life you want to wake up to!

If you're ready, I'm ready. What are you waiting for?

I'm Ready!

Changing Your Relationship With Alcohol Will Transform Your Life

it did mine! 

Restore your confidence

Look and feel amazing

Sleep better than ever

Unlock true feelings of joy

Start dreaming again

Realize your potential  

Reclaim your best life!

Don't wait another minute to get started!