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From gray area drinking to vibrant living! 

The coaching relationship is a collaborative process to fast-track your results. Coaches are not therapists, we start at today and look forward, not back. I offer a safe space to explore where you are seen, heard and loved. Together we co-create strategies and tactics to help you reach your goals!

Coaching is a relationship which offers you an opportunity to be AUTHENTIC with yourself and another person. This may be the first time you have talked honestly with someone about your drinking, and it is such an important step to the healing process. The exercises, resources and coaching in our sessions will help you become AWARE of your thoughts, beliefs and habits about drinking, so we can take the steps to change those beliefs, which in turn diminishes desire. A coach provides ACCOUNTABILITY for you to stay in ACTION around your goals.

These elements: Authenticity, Awareness, Accountability and Action are the keys to coaching for transformation and results!

1:1 coaching will fast-track your results!

I'd love to help you find the freedom you are looking for!


Take a Break with
The Alcohol Experiment!

With Weekly Coaching

This Naked Mind 30-Day Alcohol Experiment  is a great way to lay a foundation for understanding the effects of alcohol on your brain and body, investigating your thoughts and beliefs about alcohol, and taking back your power of choice! 

This is a discovery program, not a recovery program. 

It is a great place to start if you are ready to see if life might be better with less alcohol!

You owe it to yourself to take 30 days to discover if alcohol is taking more than it is giving. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Coaching makes the difference!
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Alive!  Customized Coaching

I found complete freedom from alcohol with the same compassion-based approach I use in my 1:1 coaching practice. If you want to truly become free and ALIVE this is for you!

  We will discuss your goals and create a customized curriculum to help you achieve them!

Private coaching will help you recognize and change the thoughts and beliefs you hold about alcohol or other issues in your life that are holding you back! This hour is your time, a safe place to explore your unique relationship with alcohol and make the changes YOU want. 

Now’s the time to take action and tackle anything keeping you from true freedom! 


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Amazing Alcohol Free Social Life Bootcamp!

This program is for you if you are exploring an alcohol free lifestyle but still feel stuck around vacations, holidays and other special events.

This is what kept me stuck! Even though I knew I felt better in my daily life without alcohol, I kept going back to drinking for special events. 

That’s why I created this program to help others just like me gain confidence socializing without alcohol! 

You will be able to go anywhere and do anything without drinking without feeling left out or deprived!

Through this short but powerful course you will be infused with confidence, and unstoppable in your alcohol-free life!


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"I cannot thank Susan enough for the life-changing impact she has had on my journey towards sobriety and overall health. Susan's coaching has been instrumental in helping me overcome my alcohol-use dependency and guiding me towards the person I knew I could be. Her unwavering support and personalized approach have truly made a difference in my life. I am so grateful for the tools and techniques she has provided me with, which have helped me not only achieve sobriety but also improve my overall well-being. I highly recommend Susan Larkin to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Thank you, Susan, for your incredible coaching and for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation."  - KH

The coaching services being provided by Susan Larkin or Susan Larkin Coaching, LLC are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of general well-being and are not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing of medicine for any disease, or any licensed or controlled act which may constitute the practice of medicine.  Susan Larkin is not a therapist, or counsellor.  Clients are responsible for decisions made and all actions taken as a result of coaching sessions.