$67.00 USD

Amazing Alcohol Free Social Life Bootcamp

30, 60, 90 days alcohol free but still struggle with your social life, feeling deprived or stressed about truly embracing an AF lifestyle? 

This program is for you!  If you are exploring an alcohol free lifestyle but still feel stuck around vacations, holidays and other special events, and how to have a vibrant social life without alcohol!

Through the lessons and tools in this short but powerful course you will gain confidence socializing without alcohol and join in the fun without feeling left out or deprived!

 You will be infused with confidence, and unstoppable in your alcohol-free life! 

This self-led bootcamp allows you to take it at your own pace! So many new tools to try and practice!

Let's start training!


What People Are Saying:

Susan's Bootcamp was so helpful for getting me through the first two weeks of sober November. The daily content is the perfect dose of information to get my day started with journaling. I would highly recommend taking the Bootcamp if you are looking to take a break from alcohol, get ready for a vacation or the holidays, or just learn more about yourself and your drinking.


Susan's Bootcamp is packed with amazing facts and tactics that are very professionally delivered. She is very positive and conveys her desire to help people not only come through the holidays and vacations alcohol-free, but to do it joyfully. Even if you are alcohol-free, highly recommend this Bootcamp!


This boot camp was so timely, just before the rush of the holidays! So many great reminders and yet so many new and fantastic tools!