Sober October 2022! 

Everyone should try taking a break from alcohol to see how it might be affecting your daily life!

This is the perfect opportunity!

You are invited to join 7 Certified Alcohol-free Coaches for a Sober October Live This Naked Mind Alcohol Experiment!

If you've taken breaks before- this one is different. With daily inspirational content you will learn more about alcohol and yourself. In a private FB community, you will be able to connect with others and receive daily live coaching from amazing coaches!

Take 30 days to see if alcohol is taking more than it is giving!
Join the Experiment!

Would your life be better if you were drinking less?

Take 30 days to find out! The This Naked Mind Alcohol Experiment curriculum is designed to interrupt your habits and help you make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life! Join thousands of others who have done this experiment! There is no judgment or labels, only curiosity and discovery. 

It's 30 days, not forever! You decide your next steps armed with new knowledge and insight!

Take a mindful break from alcohol without using willpower and see how you feel. This experiment will challenge your thoughts and ideas about alcohol with science-based facts that address your thoughts, beliefs, and our cultural conditioning about alcohol.

 There is NO way to fail! There is no judgment and no failure, only learning. You will feel healthier, look amazing, and have all the information you need to make an informed decision about alcohol in your life!

It's Not About What You Give Up, But What You Gain!


the science behind how alcohol affects your brain and body.


how you feel when not drinking! Here's a hint: AMAZING!  



the experience you need to make an informed choice about alcohol. 


Join us and and take back control!

Everything you need is provided to lead you to success. You will be guided by 7 Certified This Naked Mind Coaches providing coaching with tips, strategies, and encouragement along the way. 

83% of surveyed respondents from This Naked Mind programs decreased the amount they drank or are no longer drinking!

This is your journey, your goals, your life!
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The Sober October 30-Day Alcohol Experiment Incudes:

  • Daily video content designed by This Naked Mind to challenge your thoughts and beliefs around alcohol!
  • A private FB community with like-minded people doing this challenge with you, to share and cheer each other on!
  • Daily LIVE Q&A sessions with each of the 7 TNM certified coaches. You can attend live and ask questions or watch the replay.
  • Daily inspirational email with link to the content (to remind you to watch it, you're welcome!)
  • Lots of fun! We are a fun bunch of coaches we do this because we love it, and our lives have changed, so we want to give back!
  • Giving to a good cause. Proceeds are going to Responder, Mental Health and Youth Drug and Alcohol programs.
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