Think you can't enjoy a vacation or a special event without drinking? Think again!

Stop worrying about upcoming events, start training for them!


Build confidence in your AF muscles!

Learn how to truly enjoy any event without willpower or deprivation!



Unlock the adventure of AF living!


From Susan:

This is the area that kept me stuck for too long. I kept going back to drinking for vacations and special events. 

That is why I created this program. With your new skills, once you enjoy one vacation or special event without drinking you will feel unstoppable!

Start Training!

Your Amazing AF Social Life Bootcamp!


  • Self-paced online course material
  • Packed with training exercises in each lesson!
  • I poured my heart and soul into this program for YOU!
Start Training!

All The Tools You Need To Socialize Alcohol Free and LOVE IT!

The Bootcamp was such a labor of love for me, I packed it with all of my best tactics and information to help you realize true freedom from alcohol!

Bootcamp Graduates:

Susan's Bootcamp was so helpful for getting me prepared for the holidays. I would highly recommend taking the Bootcamp if you are looking to take a break from alcohol, get ready for a vacation or the holidays, or just learn more about yourself and your drinking.


Susan's Bootcamp is packed with amazing facts and tactics that are very professionally delivered. She is very positive and her desire to help you not be able to enjoy your life AF comes through. Even if you are alcohol free, I highly recommend this Bootcamp!

I loved the 'Boot Camp' course!  I am using all skills illustrated in the course because they are practical and easy to add to your daily the routine

Highly recommend this course to anyone planning an event or trip as well as using skills and strategies on your daily AF walk and journey!



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